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Voting is our right, and we want to make sure you have what you need to vote.

  1. What You Need
  2. How To Get It
  3. Go Vote!

What You Need

In order to vote in Texas, you will need to bring ONE (1) of the following documents to your polling place:

  1. TX Driver’s License issued by DPS
  2. TX Personal ID card issued by DPS
  3. TX concealed handgun license issued by DPS
  4. US military ID card showing your photo
  5. US citizenship certificate showing your photo
  6. US passport book or card
  7. Election ID Certificate (EIC) issued by DPS

A few important things to remember:

Click here for more information to ensure you have what you need to vote.

How To Get It

Don't have a valid form of ID listed above? That’s ok, you can get a free ID at DPS! Go to a Department of Public Safety office and tell them “I want a FREE Election ID Certificate.” You must bring with you:

AND any Two (2) of the following:

Click here for the full list.

Go Vote!

Once you have confirmed or obtained the proper photo ID, you are almost ready to vote.